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At HYA Yoga we focus on community, knowing that physical and spiritual well-being are as much related to exercise and nutrition, as they are to a sense of connectedness with others, one’s self, one’s surroundings and the world. We support relevant charities through our activities and operate with integrity and respect for the environment and our teachers. Meet our community and become part of it.. You are welcome!

We offer:

  • Community studio set up, featuring a seating area for students to use after each class, offering an opportunity to reflect on the experience and to connect with the yoga community.
  • Free access to continuous care, support and development through the HYA Yoga Facebook community page and newsletters.
  • Charity support through our activities, creating an even larger community reach.
  • Classes that are much more than a one off event.
  • Far more than a great body and improved health alone.


My friend has started coming to the studio, she drives down from Bondi for your 6am Thursday class, afterwards she drives back north & over the Harbour Bridge to work.

The hike is worth it. This morning after class she says to me “I’d pay 20 bucks just to sit in half pigeon for 10 minutes & listen to Janine”. I concur.

L Fitzgerald


Despite my “cursing” and the struggle to get through some classes, the strength that I got and my understanding of yoga has come in the last two years when I discovered power yoga; it is well in advance of all the other disciplines I had tried.

Gary L


In my other sports I find that yoga gives me a “secret weapon” on the competition field, it gives me “a peaceful place to tap into.

Lauren F


For me, yoga is a piece of the puzzle that can offer an environment to better understand my own mind and body. For surfers, it can help provide and opportunity to take tension out of the mind and body – and this is a great thing for those that are open to it.

Matt G


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