HYA Yoga 40 Day Challenge: Week 4 – Restore

By Simone McClenaughan

I thought I allowed myself opportunities to restore (the theme of the week). Turns out I didn’t. I don’t. Not by a long shot. I realised this week that restoration is something I grab pinches of here and there (ok, every few months), generally in the form of a massage. But, I don’t allow myself to truly restore on a daily or weekly basis. I discovered that restoration is so much more than a pamper session: it’s a yoga class, a breath of fresh air, a bath, fresh fruit, clean water, meditation, and sleep. All things that can be incorporated into my daily life. I only realised this at the end of the week – after I was shown just how vital restoration is to my health and wellbeing.

This was a week when I needed to really restore. I was sick and need to nurture myself. But no. I pushed myself back to work, back to my yoga practice, and back to my schedule. My body was not ready to go back. It hadn’t been restored enough, and so by the end of the week I crashed, my illness flared up again and now I’m learning from my mistakes.

I totally ignored the Laws of the week. If I had taken on board Law 7, Relax with what is, I would’ve accepted the fact that I was ill and I needed to rest. But nope. I think it was because I had this idea in my head that the Laws were about the big stuff, the big, major life-changing things. Not silly little illnesses. Turns out they’re about everything. Yep everything. Because what is covers the itty bitty things and the not so itty bitty things.

This got me thinking about Law 8, Remove the rocks. And you know what? I think most of the time I am my biggest rock – the thing that gets in the way of doing what is best for me. Actually let me rephrase that – my head and my ego, my past experiences and stories – they’re the rocks getting in the way of my truth, my heart, and my intuition. And it’s crazy, right? Like my head is trying to walk in one direction and my body and heart in another. It doesn’t work. So I’m working towards releasing those ego rocks, because I’m constantly stubbing my toe on them while trying to navigate my true path.