As a kid I loved to draw, but at some point in my life I decided that I was not good enough at it and so I stopped. Year after year in my process of becoming an “adult” I started forgetting the things that I love to do, and I became more and more distant trying to fit into a world guided by rules that I didn’t choose.

Some years ago I woke up before sunrise, went to the beach and without thinking I started drawing on the sand with a shell. My hand was just simply following something that my mind couldn’t see: it was a beautiful Mandala. I felt almost like it wasn’t me who was drawing, but instead it was somebody else guiding my hand. And most of all, what I remember of that day was the lovely feeling of switching off my mind and being in a deep state of flow, one of those moments when everything feels perfect exactly as it is.

Excited by all of this, I decided to complete 100 days of drawing Mandalas: it didn’t matter how busy or not willing I was, I commit myself to it.

What I learnt was amazing: the first thing is that there is no such a thing as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at something (in my case drawing). Everything that we do consistently we become good at – absolutely everything!

The second thing was that creativity is like a muscle that just need to be exercised: the more time I spent creating my mandalas, the more creative I was becoming, in many different aspects of my life. I then started exploring different painting techniques, going to art workshops, hanging out with people who love art and learning from them. I started spending hours painting and getting into that beautiful state of flow.

The third and most important thing I learnt, was how to reconnect to who I really am: a playful, joyful, creative self. In doing what I love, I give myself permission to listen to my heart’s desires and remember what I came to this world for. Now it’s my time to give back all this love, and inspire people to remember theirs.


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