Big love, from Chris:

HYA Yoga theme of the week. What authenticity means to me is acting on all the information that is available to me within my conscious awareness; in this moment in time.

The more we leave parts of us behind through not expressing ourselves fully we create blocks and resistance inside. Whether that’s not speaking up for ourselves, crying when we’re sad, singing or dancing when we’re happy and everything else in between.

As this starts to build it but becomes more difficult to navigate around leaving us no space to be able to live life. We become a fraction of who we really are and like a caged animal we react or lash out when things don’t go our way. Our now limited way.

Being authentic requires vulnerability to move into the unknown, the new path that reveals itself through giving yourself space. Transparency, leaving nothing to hide and integrity. The more we are authentic with ourselves the more we can be with others.

Are you being true to you?