When I think now about what it is to be human, I think of rainbows. Full spectrum multi coloured and a little transparent!

What would it be like if one or more of those colours were removed because some thought it too ugly or bad?

This is what I did to myself, I removed some of my colours. For me, 2017 was about bringing all the colours back. It was messy, turbulent, parts of me were overwhelmed, and I didn’t quite know how to handle them.  With a little help, they have now integrated more fully and the rainbow is emerging once again.

I am talking about emotions.

Did you know that healthy, free flowing emotion lasts only about 90 seconds?  And they arise to help clarify our boundaries.

During my recent training in Bali, I got to experience how emotions act as a sign post to show me what I’m truly passionate about, and what I’m less interested in. They help me define my purpose, speak my truth and live in the flow of life.

I see that suppressed sadness numbs my vulnerability, and the ability to connect heart to heart. Suppressed anger numbs my passion, fire and sexuality. Suppressed frustration numbs my ability to say no and be clear in friendships and intimate relationships.

2018 is about inclusivity for me as I continue on the path of non-duality, finding more and more ways to integrate and accept everything that is within me as whole.

It is clear to me by all the new and familiar faces at the studios, that Yoga is a method of coming home to yourself and that it really works. That is something I am deeply committed to.

“To be truly in love is to be aware of your doubts, fears and insecurities so as not to project them onto your significant other. We need to understand and know ourselves – examine our own agendas and find inner peace – before we open up to another person and show our full potential. Often we blame others for how we feel, especially when they do not act the way we expect or want them to. Remembering that lasting happiness comes from ourselves, having a real appreciation of self, we begin to see what is temporary and distraction.” – Chanelle Elana

Love, Janine x