England kicks off to pretentious spiritualism!

Have you ever said to yourself “I must only surround myself by bright shiny luminous people?”

Well at some point I must have operated from this notion and HYA was born with an intention of only being full of love and light. Hence all of you glorious beings have been keeping me happy! One of my biggest fears about returning to my country of origin (for greater than a 2 week ‘manageable’ period) was losing my light and ‘falling’ in consciousness. I was worried I’d be ‘infected’ and the darkness would creep back in and I’d lose my ‘niceness’.

Well, its kind of true, it did, because I had to. I had to see all the reactive and defensive parts of myself in order to heal and to stop being such a ‘spiritual princess’. I had to let go of the notion that there is only a certain type of spiritual person I can get along with (I roll my eyes now at the pretentiousness of it all) and in letting go of an unconscious cultural judgement, I was able to not only
embrace all of my past, my family, my old friends, but also far much more of myself. A lot less judgement = a lot more freedom.

Highlights and Lowlights

There were so many highlights, here are just some:

  • The fulfilment of seeing the first UK group of Teacher Trainees all the way through to completion
  • The beauty of Chris adding his energy and skills to the group and watching the HYA spirit infuse in a little part of England
  • A huge Heart Full moment in Italy, when Chris and I walked into Silvia’s new yoga studio and framed on the wall is her HYA YOGA teacher training certificate. A proud spirit mumma moment for me, experiencing the expansion of our community into Europe.

Personal highlights of England for me include:

  • The Lush British Countryside in full summer bloom, ah the smell of the fields and flowers and the long summer nights… mmmm.
  • The diversity and richness of the food and all my childhood favourites (see lowlights for the expansion of my waistline LOL)
  • The ease of travel to Europe, and the historical heritage. I love the old thatched roof cottages with tiny doors, exposed beams and huge gardens. I love the tea rooms and the English tea and cake ritual (again – waistline issues here haha)

The ‘lowlights’ or challenges I faced were predominantly my resistance to the cultural conditioning I saw.

  • I felt and witness the unconscious suppression of women and their inner fight back
  • I felt the strong policing by government on banking, spending and taxing
  • I saw what I felt to be a lack of responsible action by major corporations on resources and use of plastics and packaging
  • I also felt a squeeze on the countries people to fit into a ‘norm’

However, I too recognised that all I witness is reflective of the lense of attitude in which I am looking and in seeing this, I can choose how I view the world.

I choose the tea and cakes!

In love, from Janine xx