Being so very transient of late I’ve been curious as to how quickly I can accept and shift to the vibration of the person, place culture or situation in front of me. An inner recalibration of sorts to match the outer environment so that ‘osmosis like’ i can be in resonance and relationship with the present vibration.

It is a different focus for me, as I’ve more comfortably identified with the ‘space’ or the Shiva aspect of spirituality, being somewhat irritated by all the happenings, change and noise that occur within that ‘space’. It is a slight shift into acceptance of the ever changing world of energy, and the inclusion of all. I’m getting better at it. I am no way near mastering it.

At first I would arrive with great resistance, into my country of origin. Full of judgement for the British culture, my ‘messed up’ family and the government that seem to police the minute. Then I asked myself… where am I experiencing this resistance?

The answer is always ‘within me’.

I continue to ask myself… and who’s resistance is it?

To which I answer… mine.

And so what is it you are avoiding feeling right now and how might this part of yourself be seen and accepted? With regular practice at this here is a few of my discoveries, hidden away in the shadows…

  • My inner wingeing pomme
  • Gossipy drama queen
  • A self depreciating clown
  • An inferior/superior complex


And here’s how these shadow aspects of myself, once seen and integrated, have been essential to creating greater inner freedom…

  • I have a voice to speak up if something isn’t working for me…
  • I can tell a great story with plenty of pauses for dramatic effect
  • I have a sense of humour that allows me to laugh at myself
  • We are all the same


So as I roll through the landscapes between my feisty family, the wholesome cafes, a passionate lover, the British yoga culture, the dying and death of a parent, airports, campsites, 5 star hotels, children, business, separation and divorce, the spacious heartfelt love of the HYA community and anything and everything else, I am in awe of the capacity of the human body, heart and mind. The living soma that is continually adapting and evolving to the ever changing states within the omni present consciousness.

Peace of mind doesn’t alway mean quiet mind. Peaceful life doesn’t alway mean a quiet life. I am gently learning to love all the colours, flavours and textures that the people of the world offer.

I feel.
All change.
Once again.
I feel.
Rinse and repeat.

I am THAT I am.