This month, we sat down with Yoska (on the far right), who is mid-way through our 200hr Teacher Training program, to ask him a few questions about his experience so far.


Q. What made you sign up for 200hr Teacher Training at HYA?

A. During the last few years of my life, and especially the last one, I started to question every part of my life: my career, the concept of home (since I moved from Italy to Australia), friendships, and in general all my values, the ones that have always driven my entire life.

My anchors stopped working, leaving me in the open ocean where I was at the mercy of events and other people’s actions and opinions. It was hard at the beginning, because I didn’t know what to do. I thought something was wrong with me… then, out of the blue, I knew: it was the time to go deep inside of me and start exploring my weaknesses and potentials.

Among all the tools that I’ve been using to do it, Yoga has the most incredible power. I felt immediately that it was for me, and I started practicing more and more, until one day the opportunity to do the teaching training arose. And without really any thinking, I knew that it was there waiting for me, inviting me to explore even more the little hidden corners that people are usually too scared to cope with.

After three weeks of this course, I can’t help thinking that I’m really doing the right thing, in the right time at the right place. HYA is a special place for me – it’s a place of smiles, hugs, good vibes, where everyone understands each other just with a look. When I walk into the studio, I feel great, even before my practice… so you can only imagine the feeling when walking out ☺


Q. What has been so far your favourite part?

A. I have to say that what I’m really loving about this course is it’s completeness.

One could expect a Yoga Teacher Training course going deep into poses and sequences, and of course it does, but it’s the total approach including anatomy, sequencing and flows and, especially for me, the yogic philosophy that really makes this course outstanding. This is an opportunity to learn about an alternative thinking and lifestyle which is Yoga itself, which invites people to challenge and question themselves in different aspects of their lives.


Q. What has been the most challenging part so far?

A. I think that the most challenging part is to change habits. So, for me, waking up very early every morning (not being a morning person…) and meditating for 30 minutes is challenging. That said, I’m loving this new aspect of the Yoga practice. It’s just something that I wasn’t used to, and it’s a little bit hard to include it in my daily routine outside of the studio.


Q. What would you say to other people thinking about doing the training?

A. So far this course is going beyond any expectations, and I would highly recommend it. But what I’d like to say to those people is: don’t think too much. You know it’s time to do it when you feel it’s time to do it. So if there is something deep inside of you that is calling, making you more curious, well… just do it! And enjoy the beautiful journey inside of your deepest self.