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You hear us saying it all the time: Breathe in, Breathe out. Inhale, Exhale. But why? We don't just like to make you breathe, there is a purpose behind this. Pranayama is the traditional practice of the regulation of the breath to create balance, regulate blood flow...

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Yoga is all about relationships. The very meaning of Yoga is union, i.e the coming together of two or more. So how does this happen in a classroom environment? Firstly, lets revise the premise that the way we interact and treat other people is a direct reflection on...

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Challenge Accepted

This week, I set an intention to become as present in this challenge as I could be. I let go of my resistance and became the investigator of my own thoughts and I had moments where I literally see a thought write it’s self across my eyelids and I go “AHA! That’s the thought, and that causes that kind of feeling.” In that moment, I literally became David Attenborough with his cameras watching a lion in the African Sahara and then seeing it doing something interesting that he has never seen before… I began to see my stuff and it was both scary and electrifying.

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Chaos in Centring

“We get swept up in our accomplishing, doing and achieving so completely that we miss out on the natural order of unfolding, and anguish and tremendous imbalance are the result. In our impatience, we create the very scenario we wish to avoid.” ~ Baron Baptiste. Week 5 of the 40 Day Challenge brought the week of Centring, an exploration of one’s ability to not rush the process and to be true to one’s self. Here is a recount of our very own Simone M’s week that was Centring.

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Learning to Restore

Last week’s theme was “Restore” for week 4 of the 40 Day Challenge. We discovered how important it is for us to restore weekly, even daily through the smallest of acts of kindness for yourself. In essence, restoring really means serving yourself a great big dish of self love, and that can be hard even at the best of times – but it’s level of difficulty will never take away from how important this daily action really is. Here is the week that was Restore, for our very own Simone M xxx

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Exploring Equanimity

For many of us doing the 40 Day Challenge, week 3 brought intense focus on our reactions to things, brought us into the present where we were able to see clearly how we approach different aspects of our lives, things that we perceive as good and bad. We are learning to remove ourselves from the really big highs and the really big lows caused by situations we perceive to be good and bad. To approach our lives with equanimity takes courage, persistence and an open mind. This is a recount on the week that was Equanimity, Simone learned FOUR Incredible things about herself…

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Changing Vital signs

We don’t need to seek outside ourselves to find ourself. To find what we truly need, look within. It is within us. Here is our wonderful Simone M’s recount of her experiences through week 2 of the 40 day challenge.

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Unwanted Presents in Presence

Unwanted Presents in Presence By Simone McClenaughan writing about the first week of the HYA Yoga 40 Day Challenge with the theme "Presence" I was in the zone. I was present and mindful. All the clutter dropped away, settling onto the floor of my mind. And then it...

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Attached to the 40 Day Challenge

Celebrating HYA Yoga’s first 40 Day Challenge at the new Miranda Studio! Our lovely Simone, a seasoned 40 Day Challenger, writes about her attachments, attachments to life and the way it’s “meant to” plan out. Clean out, refresh, reboot your system as well as your old thinking patterns and join us for 40 days to your personal revolution, inspired by Baron Baptiste. This program is both body and life changing and the tools are everlasting to leading a full and inspired life.

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