When we adjust and align our physical bodies within the poses, we allow the innate supportive structures to receive the gravitational forces, thereby allowing the soft tissues to integrate into wholeness and ease-fulness once more.

With this ease, our whole being relaxes to the joys of life, and it brings a spacious mind that can receive higher wisdom. In short, when our body is stressed and full of tension, it is reflected in the thinking mind, and visa versa.

During the last year, our focus has consolidated within the ‘Slow’ classes to represent the alchemic vision of the ancient yogis, and we feel currently that this is better represented by the ‘Align’ title. Hence the shift in language.

Alignment is key to a Hatha Yoga practice and the foundation of attunement for meditative awareness. This class is essential for beginners, advanced students, and everyone in between. Just as ‘playing the scales’ is an essential everyday practice for even the most accomplished Pianist, so too we must re-align regularly to flow freely in the play of Vinyasa and life.

Love In Light and Shadow,
Janine x