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Janine Leagh

Janine Leagh has been evolving through movement practices and principles for over 30yrs. Initially an elite athlete and coach, would push her body hard to gain competitive results. The end result however, was a greatly injured and over stressed body-mind. As in all qualities of nature, the organism seeks to balance itself and what followed were years of ’un-doing’ and re-patterning through yoga science research and the embodiment of asana with living philosophy.

Today Janine shares her wisdom of embodied learnings and facilitates the students own body-mind awakening through their direct experience….. a powerful practice both on and off the mat.

Janine has a Sports Science Hons degree, has lectured at Universities and Tafes and is a trainer of teachers for both health, fitness and yoga with a special interest in the body-mind.

Christopher Alleaume

Chris spent 20 years on the footy field before becoming a Master trainer in fitness. Today yoga practice keeps him free of old injury pains and allows quality and range of movement with a new level of body awareness and inner strength.

Inspired and trained by Baron Baptiste and Duncan Peak, Chris teaches a power yoga class with a calm and easy going nature to allow you to dig deep in a pose whilst staying focused and serene.

Karina Pupo

Karina has always had a love for movement and physical activity, which lead her into becoming a High School PDHPE teacher and Personal Trainer after she finished school. She began practicing Yoga in her early 20’s and she immediately felt connected, discovering that Yoga was so much more than just stretch and relaxation.

“I feel so lucky to have fallen into Yoga. Yoga for me became so much more than just a series of challenging poses, it became my lesson, my ability to slow down and change my patterns. From it I have accepted my darkness and I like myself again. I feel like I am remembering all the things life has taught me to forget or block out. Teaching is just an extension of my practice, and from this I know, I will never stop learning.”

Ying Bean

Ying Bean first started practicing Yoga in 2010 as a way of working out, at a time when she was working in early childhood education. After three years of intensive practice in various Yoga styles Ying decided to undertake a kids Yoga teacher training course with Zenergy Yoga, to be able to offer children “the gift of Yoga”.

Subsequently, in 2014, she also completed her 200 hours of Yoga teacher training with Janine Leagh at Hot Yogi. Through her training Ying found that Yoga is far more than just a body work out, it is a “work-in” of the mind, body and spirit.

Ying loves working out modifications with students who come in with different abilities. When asked about her style she said “I like making jokes, and falling on my bottom trying out a challenging arm balance right along with my class. I believe life is too short not to enjoy every moment of your life even when you are struggling in a Yoga class… just laugh, trust me, it helps when you fall from what was supposed to be that perfect pose.”

Clare Lovelace

Clare’s love affair with yoga began in 2010 on a beach in Byron Bay. Over the last few years yoga has taught her that true happiness can be achieved by living simply and mindfully with generosity and compassion. This is a philosophy that she wants to share with the world!

She believes that yoga does not just take place on the mat but intertwines with every element of our lives.

Her classes fuse dynamic Vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on the spiritual and emotional benefits of the tradition. Clare has a background in community development and uses her creativity and passion for the written word to contribute to various not-for-profit organisations.

Nina Taumberger

At the end of high school Nina developed an interest in natural forms of healing and decided to study Naturopathy. Whilst studying she was introduced to yoga and started practicing with home videos and different yoga studios. Once she came across Hot Yogi she felt at home straight away. When she went through a difficult time, yoga was her therapy and supported her. She learnt that yoga was not just a physical practice but looked at the wholeness of body, mind and spirit. This inspired her to become a yoga teacher herself and it perfectly complemented her natural approach to healing.

Nina’s passion for yoga keeps growing as she loves to take students on a journey of self-discovery. Through her own experience she knows how amazing yoga can make you feel, and she wants to help others experience the same. She has a kind & caring approach, supporting and guiding you through your practice.

Ryan Henson

My journey into yoga began when I was 15 years old. I remember that one night I was walking home from a yoga class when I ran into a bunch of ‘cool kids’ from a different school. Instinctively I turned down a side street and started walking a different way home (yoga isn’t exactly the coolest thing to be doing when you’re a 15 year old boy).

Fear had won again, but this time, thanks to yoga, I was conscious enough that I was immediately able to realise it.

As I kept walking I felt a fire burning inside of me, such anger and frustration, I knew that I couldn’t go on living my life in fear, I had reached a place in myself where living the rest of my life unconsciously in fear was no longer an option, I could no longer fool myself into thinking that this was the way it needed to be, I knew deep inside that there was another way, I just needed to find it.

Yoga was the ‘tipping point’ for me, it provided me with glimpses of a state of consciousness beyond fear, and, in that moment, it provided me with the presence necessary to look my fear right in the eyes and say ‘you will not control my life anymore.’

Nowadays, My yoga practice provides me with the clarity of mind necessary to keep on course, to consciously live out my truth and assist others in the fulfilment of theirs.

Yoga for me is a retreat centre, a place that I can go to realign my body, to refocus my mind and return Consciousness to it Source.

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