At HYA Yoga we have been helping many students in a one to one private setting

To assist with injuries, posture analysis, challenges and breath work, however the feedback on the benefits of such sessions have been above and beyond both the students and our expectations.  So we thought it time to share……..

How does a one to one session benefit you over a regular class?

Every Body is unique body. In class we can’t give alignments cue for each individual body, so we use well informed generic alignment. However, learning how to adjust and modify to suit your unique body can take time and experience. We speed that process up in a one to one session to ensure a safe and effective practice in any class that you take.

Any of the HYA teachers can give you a one to one session, just choose one whose classes you love and ask them, or email us!

Janine’s sessions are organic and she works with the individual’s needs in either the physical body  the energetic body or both. Janine says ” some students come with a list of things that need ‘fixing’ and we work through the list, others come with an empty plate and we work with whatever comes up in the practice, both are equally valuable.”

Some 1-1 sessions are focused on flow and organic breath , some are about releasing a mental/emotional block through the poses and some are working with injuries, concerns of particular poses and body parts.

From our experience – this is what we would recommend:

Complete Beginner
 • 3 private sessions over a 1-2 week period with the power basics classes.


Intermediate yogi • ( a yogi who has had an on/off practice of 1-2 yrs or 6 months of regular practice 2-3x per week)
One private session every 4-6weeks along with a regular practice


Experienced student • (3-5yrs of regular practice) 1 private session every 3-6 months


Injury management, yoga plateaus and blocks • private sessions as required

The most beneficial outcome of the 1-1 yoga session (for me) was having the time and an appropriate forum to ask questions & receive feedback throughout.

Lauren F


My 1-1 yoga gave me an opportunity to take myself & my practice much less seriously, and rediscover my joy.   I found it liberating and yet also profoundly introspective. It allowed my teacher & I  time to correct, time to explore, and time to break down some well-entrenched patterns in my thinking & practice including some old favorite  fears which can so often hold me back. Love love love it!



I went to Janine for help with my breathing as I was having trouble gassing out when I competed in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  The first thing Janine showed me was that I was holding my breath when I was trying to apply some of my techniques, which came as a complete surprise.

In one hour Janine had not only helped me learn when and how to breath, when competing, but she also helped me understand some of the mental blocks I had before I competed that raised my anxiety levels. A week after my session with Janine I was losing in the finals of a tournament to a guy 20kgs heavier than me. 

Instead of panicking and exhausting myself, as I might have done previously, I was able to compose myself, focus on my breathing and apply the techniques that helped me win a gold medal.  I honestly don’t think I would have won if I didn’t have that session with Janine before the competition.

Alex T

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the 1 on 1 .  It brought a lot to light for me but I was really overwhelmed by your connectedness and your nurturing- so thank you!!

Natalie DM


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