Everything happens for a reason… I guess 🙂

When I think about myself five years ago, I completely see another person. Neither better or worse. Just different. In a different path, on a different journey.

I was working as an advertising manager for a big corporation back in Europe – and let’s say that: it wasn’t something that I was really enjoying in that moment, as it seemed like I was only living for my job – and my personal life was a little bit messy…I was straggling to understand what to do to step up and to better enjoy my life.

Unpredictably, as very often it happens in life, I had to face a very important decision: to leave the country, my career and my family, and move to Australia to join the person I loved the most in my life or stay at home, in my comfort zone, even if that meant to get stuck and not to be completely satisfied. Settled, but not totally okay.

Well… here I am, in Cronulla, enjoying the Australian beaches but, more important, a process of self-development and transformation that five years ago I wouldn’t even have imagined… a process that led me to become a Yoga teacher…

The reality is that I started practicing Yoga as a way of stretching and balancing an active and dynamic lifestyle. Exactly like many people do. As time went by, however, my practice moved along with a self development process leading to a deeper understanding of myself and what Yoga really means for me: a practical and uplifting approach to my daily life, a way of thinking that allows the extra-ordinary happening in the ordinary, the ability and willingness to watch and dig deeply inside of me, get a better understanding of who I am and eventually take steps to fulfil my potential and become the best expression of myself.

I believe that asanas and what happens on the mat is purely an analogy of what happens in the real life, a magic door by means of which we access the inner part of ourselves, a door leading to our deepest secrets, fears, believes and patterns. A way to wake up the body at the same time stimulating the mind to be aware and conscious of the present moment and curious about life. Thanks to asanas, we start experiencing the benefits of a physical transformation eventually leading to a spiritual transformation.

See you on the mat 🙂