With love, from Patty:

  1. Because you will meet some new awesome yogi friends.
  2. Because you can talk with the teacher about any curiosity of the class or your own practice.
  3. Because we have some delicious organic teas.
  4. Because you are going for sure to have some heart to heart conversations and a lot of laughs.
  5. Because we love to know more about you, your dreams and your passions.
  6. Because we love to see photos of your kids, your pets and your adventures.
  7. Because you can meet your next business partner, lover, best friend or handstand buddy.
  8. Because you can create your own Yin gang.
  9. Because laughing, sharing and hugging people are good for your health.
  10. Because it gives you time to come back to earth after the yoga bliss and before coming back to your daily activities.