With love, from Mel:
The heart meridian is such a beautiful line to work with. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the physical heart is the home of our Shen, or our Spirit. So when we work the heart meridian, we are deeply nourishing the true essence of who we are. Physically, it involves chest opening shapes, which is great for anyone who works at a desk or finds they hunch over or round through the shoulders. Set yourself up somewhere comfortable (in bed is totally okay!), and enjoy 🙂 xx

1. Reclined Butterfly (5 minutes)
Lie on your back, bring the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to fall out wide. Option to have a bolster, pillow, or rolled blanket along the length of your spine. Allow your arms to be wide, or option to take your arms overhead if comfortable on your shoulders. To come out of the shape, bring your knees back to centre and remove any props from underneath your spine. Enjoy 3-5 breaths in either a mini savasana or hug your knees to your chest.

2. Chest Stretch (3.5 minutes each side)
Lie on your belly, turn your head to the right, with your left ear resting against the floor. Then take your left arm into a goal post or L shape (elbow straight out from your shoulder, left hand straight up from your elbow). Keeping your knee on the floor, bring your right knee up towards your chest. To come out of the shape, straighten your bent knee, allow both arms to come back to your sides and spend 3-5 breaths in neutral. Repeat on the opposite side. 

3. Melting Heart (3 minutes)
This can be an intense shape, so if you need to shorten the hold, then please listen to your body and do so. Make your way to all fours, then walk your hands out in front, leaving your hips stacked above your knees. Allow your chest and forehead to dip towards the floor. If your chest and forehead don’t meet the ground, bring a bolster or pillow under your chest and forehead so that you can relax into the shape. If your shoulders begin to pinch, bring your hands to opposite elbows. To come out of the shape, move back into all fours and take 3-5 rounds of cat and cow.

4. Savasana (5 minutes)
Allow your body to come back into neutral, let your heels be wide and toes falling to the sides. Give your body time to process the energetic work you’ve just done. Savasana is the most important pose!